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COD Stands for Cash on Delivery. An alternate payment method offered in addition to our existing payment option which enables you to pay us in cash at the time of actual delivery of product at your doorstep, rather than paying in advance

ttl-cod-details-image.jpg Mechanics:
     •   COD is only available for transactions within metro manila.
     •   Maximum amount per transaction is Php 25,000
     •   Maximum amount per item is Php 25,000
     •   COD is available for customers which has a single
         shipping address per transaction.
     •   Paying the exact amount in cash upon receipt of the
         ordered item is required.
     •   The courier does not accept cheques or demand drafts
         as a form of payment in place of cash.

Note that choosing to pay via COD obligates you to pay the said transaction of the exact amount upon receipt of the item as per the terms and condition of Hallo Hallo Mall.

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COD: Cash On Delivery, Bank Tranfer, Installment Payment, Internet Banking

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